A leading cellular biologist in the 20th century – Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered the main causes of cancer in 1923 and his invention was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931.


Dr. Warburg was the director of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (currently known as Max Planck Institute) on cellular physiology in Berlin.



Dr. Warburg has clarified the root cause of cancer are due to hypoxia, which is caused when the environment in the human body is acidic. He also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic organism and cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

A human body has the best health when the body is slightly alkaline blood pH ranges from 7.3 ÷ 7.4

Self-poisoning due to accumulation of acid in the body.

If blood circulates in an acidic environment, the waste from excess acid will take over the body. If this process continues to occur in years and the acidic concentration in the body continuously increases, it will result the cells to die and the other cells alive to become extraordinary – they are called malignant cells. For malignant cells cannot respond to the commands of the brain, they will be split and then lost control. This is the onset of cancer – Dr. William Howard.

How to determine the pH of your body?

In 1972, Dr. Carl Reich verified that the pH of saliva represents the pH of the entire body. The pH of saliva reflects properly whether the environment of your body is alkaline or acidic .

The pH of saliva is measured accurately and almost equivalent to the body’s pH that is measured in the morning when  waking up and 2 hours after a meal for the absorption metabolism of the body has adjusted the pH stably.

How to maintain the pH in the body at a state of mild alkaline (pH = 7.3 ÷ 7.4 )

There are many factors that affect the pH in the body, such as age, air quality, mental state, activity level, and especially diet. Most of our daily activities produce acids. Our body cannot synthesize to secrete alkaline itself. That is why we have to eat alkaline foods.

Adjusting diet of food and drinks that we absorb daily contributes greatly in creating an alkaline environment for the body. 80% of the foods absorbeb daily by us to produce energy such as meat, processed sugar, refined flour, soft drinks, coffee, ect. Create acids after metabolizing. 20% alkaline foods are green vegetables and drinks.

To balance the pH in the body, the ratio of acidic foods and alkaline foods is 1:3.

Over 50 years of research, Japanese scientists have successfully applied the water electrolysis technology to produce alkaline ionic water, which is naturally alkaline as vegetables.It is for supplementing in our daily diet with a naturally alkaline, safe and easy-to-use food.

This is the first time in Vietnam that Hoang Minh Water JSC has exclusively applied the most modern water electrolysis technology of Janpanese OSG Group to produce the alkaline ionic water product i-on Life.

I-on life is premium alkaline ionic water produced from precious ground water in Long An with an automated and completely closed production line.

In response to the message of the world health organization WHO “ Good health starts from good drinking” i-on Life drinking water brings to the community not only a beverage but also a solution for an optimal health in modern life.

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